Few thoughts about the spectacle

* Music consumer goes to record stores and clubs, consumes music, pays 10sor 100s of euros to the music industry, adores djs, musicians, small and big artists and all of the above adore their fame and then money (or maybe the other way round ? ).

* Music industry invests million on names which subsequently are made legends or bif names in the artistic world, earning billions, exploiting the naivete of the consumer, a victim of a opposed consuming and of a hopeless try to regain the lost human communication through music.

* A disgusting flood of “leftist” artists, popular and self-conscious, fake songmakers together with greedy bosses of the music industry, accuse the pirates that they earned huge amounts of money by selling illicit copies in CDrs. But if these people earn so much money selling the cd for 3-5euros hoe many more earn all this bunch of pathetic bastards who sell the cd for 20-30 euros, taking care to always declare their indifference for wealth and their love of music and art?

* Those who speak about intellectual property are big liars! When most of the songs are imitation of word ethnic music and when so many pop songs are based on loops form other songs, words should be useless.

* What is really misery is callin nothing many. It is being obliged to pay for entrances in clubs and gigs to see and admire people who do nothing more than playing their music and changing discs. Have you ever wondered if you could do the same, even better, before you placed all these artists so high in your personal pyramid of admiration?

* What is stupid is giving value to zero. Together with the big entertainer goes the other entertainer, the underground avant-garde artist the not so known to the wide public.
Without the big presence in the scene but with a big fake alternative appearance.
Same shit different pile. They have one thing in common: the first their immediate (self) promotion and the second the mediate promotion of their style. They try to sell what they wanted to be, discovering ideologies and ideals.

Yes, there are exceptions but not so many.
But it is true that anybody can make music, art in different ways.
With cheap computers, with sounds that are around us with an uncultivated voice with 100s of other things. With a result far different than the artistic, the mainstream etc …

A result which can be at least authentic.

Things in life are much simpler that they forced us to believe the same goes for music and art in general.

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